artist statement

The black line on the blank page has been flashing for hours. I write three words and press ‘delete’.
Then they disappear, letter by letter. Like a dance: forwards, backwards, sideways.
I would prefer to describe my work as follows: I paint. Full stop. There are topics and questions that keep me busy, that push my brain, my subconscious, my dream world again and again, to the edge of my memory. In colors, in shapes, in shreds, like scraps of paper falling out of my head.
And why are there all these mythological themes in my work? I often ask myself that. Especially when, as very often, I only come across a topic while working. Then it will be there, insurmountable, until I have painted it to completion.

I used to dislike these dusty old stories. But myth tells us so much about the origins of mankind, embellished wildly and fantastically with such depth of understanding. I also paint to understand, to put fragments together and build stories that don’t work chronologically. Forwards. Backwards. Sideways.